The Home Office

In recent years many people have found their working patterns have changed, employers are more open to their team working from home and communicating with each other online and with advances in technology there is no need to rent expensive office space.

Other clients of ours find themselves wanting to create a more relaxed home office space in a sitting room as a form of sanctuary to take a break from the general hustle and bustle of home life.

When it comes to the home office functionality is key and our designers with their years of experience in designing office spaces can help you create a good aesthetically pleasing working environment.


A small sitting room off the main kitchen area in a large Edwardian house where the owners relax after work also doubles up as a more laid back domestic home office area.
A maple office room in a house designed for an art historian to house her large collection of literature and focus on writing and reading.
This small corner office area over-looking the stunning vista on the Caribbean island of Nevis was an essential part of the design of this villa. The owners and guests who stay all require a desk solution for keeping up with communications to their lives back home.
A wide corridor approaching a kitchen in this Victorian house was an ideal position for a good home office arrangement incorporating our room divider cork board which makes it easy to adapt a space to make to be used for both living and working environments.

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