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Timeless furniture individually designed and handcrafted to the highest quality.

Unconstrained by pre-determined ‘ranges' we look for appropriate solutions to your needs, in your space. Combining modern techniques with the time honoured skills of traditional English furniture makers, our furniture is meticulously hand made in North East England by our established team of wood machinists, cabinet makers and polishers. 


We don’t just design and make furniture, we use our years of experience of working in customers’ homes installing both fitted and free-standing furniture so that your rooms work for you. Our designers will listen to your requirements, consider the shape and size of your rooms and over the course of a few meetings and a few design revisions a perfect design will evolve. 

We are experts in everything from bespoke kitchens, fitted bedroom furniture to fitted wardrobes.  So get in touch with us if you would like our help creating your dream home.


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 +44 (0)131 221 1342 (Edinburgh)            +44 (0)191 261 8900 (Newcastle)            +44 (0)20 7371 0052 (London)

 +44 (0)191 261 8900
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 +44 (0)20 7371 0052 
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