The office at home - or the study as it is often called - has steadily grown in importance as a main room in the domestic environment over the last couple of decades and we design and install ever more of these as the years go by. Clearly much has changed with the massive changes in computer technology, the associated development of wireless routers for fantastically good broadband connectivity, the revolution of flat screen TVs, Skype communications, wireless printers, scanners and information storage that the design of home offices has evolved considerably to keep pace with it all.

File storage, for example, used to require several filing cabinets, but more and more people keep huge amounts of information filed in a paperless way – all they need from us is somewhere in a drawer to put a memory stick or two. Book shelves and cabinets to house box files and ring-binders do still have their place in most of our customers’ offices at home however but the desk itself and the cable management for IT equipment, monitors and wall-mounted TVs normally form the core of the design discussion initially - and one does not want to get these things wrong.

It is not only the advances of technology of course that make the home office an increasingly significant room. Changes in working patterns and the way we all allow email and other internet-based communications to reach us 24 hours a day, plus the increasing flexibility of employers’ attitudes towards working hours and working from home, all conspire to have us slaving away at our desks at all hours. Or we might be booking flights, paying bills online, shopping or simply checking the news or the weather forecast... but to do most of those things in the office, away from the general hustle and bustle of home life, can appeal to many of us. To dedicate a room or even two rooms in the home to be office / library rooms is increasingly common practice and our designers will help you get this right.

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