Media Rooms

The ‘home entertainment or media room’ is another new feature of most homes today and, like the home office, frequently designed as a room in its own right in both new build houses and renovations. Sometimes it takes the place of the redundant dining room and often it is seen as just another sitting room… the one with the TV in it.

The development of televisions to the current flat screen models is the key to the revolution in the design possibilities for home cinema / media room layouts. Whether on a stand, wall-mounted or rising from a hidden location on an electrically powered mechanism, the plasma, LCD or LED TVs can now be designed to fit neatly into bespoke cabinetry. All associated wiring, amplifiers, DVD players and speakers can easily be accommodated within and behind panelling, shelving and cupboards and our designers now have many years of experience in these installations. Custom-made furniture in both traditional and contemporary styles can be designed to incorporate all of this equipment .

As dining and even home office functions appear increasingly as part of the design of opened-up kitchen / living areas of the home, the sofa and flat screen TV are often another requirement in the planning of these rooms. Our designers can guide you in the design and positioning of media equipment and advice can often be most valuable in terms of the distance of seating from TVs, the space available to fit in comfortable sofas or fitted ‘banquettes’ in relation to other functions of the room and the way that the sound and visual technology integrates with kitchen functions.

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