Imagine relaxing in your new bedroom.

It is an important to be able to relax in your bedroom at the end of the day. If you do not sleep well and recover properly each day, you get worn out. You don’t operate at your potential and you just feel plain tired.

A well designed bedroom, should help you relax and sleep well at night.   You should wake up refreshed, ready for the day.

Create the space you want, one that is designed just for you.

You probably use your bedroom for more than just sleep. Most people also use their bedroom for dressing and for storage. The design for your room has to accommodate these uses and fit your specific needs. This is why getting the right design and fitting is so important.

There is a lot of generic advice available about how to design the perfect bedroom.  However, we understand that it is your home and should be designed around you. To fit your needs and to look the way you want it.

We will design to your individual space and budget.

We design and create custom furniture in our own workshop. With custom furniture made to order no space is wasted in your home. Yet if a standard item from our bedroom design range is what is right for you, we will can help you with this as well.

We can create anything from free-standing beds, bedside tables, blanket boxes and chests of drawers to fitted wardrobes, dressing tables, radiator housings and window seats.

Creating a unique design especially for you.

If you wish the cabinets to go right up to the ceiling, then that is what we will do. If you want different depths to your fittings or non-standard shapes, we can do that as well. If you want to install secret compartments or to design around odd-shaped attic conversion with sloping ceilings we can do it.

Have your home exactly how you want it.

The advantage of custom design is that you can have it exactly the way you want. Be it design, finish or materials you can choose what suits you.

Draw on our experience and to create your perfect home.

We have years of experience creating ideal homes for our customers. Our designers can help you plan the space around the bed, the arrangement of the internal hanging, drawers, shoe racks and other details within wardrobes that might otherwise be difficult to arrange.

Our team make an effort to get the little things right. We can make sure that electric sockets are conveniently placed, for you to use. Lighting designed to enhance the look and feel of the room.

Get in touch with us and find out how we will help you.

If you want help developing bedroom then give us a call or drop us an email so we can chat with you about what you want from your home.