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Our Company

Newcastle Furniture was established by two designer-craftsmen in 1979 and has grown to become one of the best known and respected English bespoke furniture companies. As a team of designers and craftsmen who have worked together for many years, we continue to develop new products and adapt to changing tastes whilst still producing classic designs that have remained popular for over 30 years. 

Our Philosophy - Despite the considerable growth of the company, we have held to our original ideals of quality, attention to detail and personal service. Our reputation for functional, understated and simple design is now firmly established.  

Bespoke Solutions - Not constrained by pre-determined ‘ranges' we look for appropriate solutions to your needs, in your space.

As all our furniture is made to order in our own workshops, each cabinet is the width, depth and height it needs to be for the room in question. The long-standing relationship that has built up between showroom-based designers and the furniture designers and craftsmen in the factory allows us to accommodate almost every single ‘special request’ that comes from our clients.

Individually Handmade - Using only the best quality and most carefully selected materials, our furniture is meticulously hand made in North East England by our established team of wood machinists, cabinet makers and polishers.  

Our Approach

Concept to completion - Our commitment to the highest quality doesn’t end with the design and the workmanship we put into furniture. Your designer  remains responsible for your project from design to installation and will always be available to give assistance.  

Discussing your aims - In our showrooms you will see some of our design ideas and the quality of the craftsmanship. You will be able to have a relaxed and informative talk with a qualified designer who will listen to your particular needs, and suggest how they might be met in distinctive and exciting ways.  

Our experienced designers will help you make the right choice. Your space and style are unique and we design your furniture accordingly to achieve a harmony of colours, shapes and materials.

Appliance and worktops - We have an extensive knowledge of worksurfaces, and can offer practical advice on what to choose, whether you want the subtlety and elegance of hard wearing maple, the versatility of custom formed stainless steel, or the durability and beauty of granite and slate. Your designer will guide you through the process of choosing the most appropriate appliances for your requirements.

After sales - The relationship between the company and the customer does not end when the installation is complete. One enduring and important aspect of our showroom staff’s work is after sales help and advice. From a request for an appliance service agent to call within days of a kitchen installation, to a call from a customer whose furniture was installed 25 years ago and a door knob has fallen off, we are at the end of the phone to help customers with problems both large and small. Friendly and helpful people - very likely the same person you dealt with initially - will always be on hand to answer your questions. The efficiency of this part of our service is one of the significant reasons that we enjoy such good on-going relationships with our customers.

Newcastle Furniture Company designs and makes the highest quality bespoke furniture for any room in your house.

For more information or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us on 0191 261 8900 or fill in the form below.

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