Design Without Boundaries

April 01, 2013


A recent analysis of enquiries being received by our designers has flagged up a  noticeable shift towards increasingly custom-made furniture to suit clients' specific requirements.  Whether this is caused by the way the new web site (correctly) portrays Newcaste Furniture as bespoke furniture designers and makers or that people are just more aware that they are able to have exactly what they want made for them, we are seeing designs produced for more and more different types of furniture for all rooms in the home.

In the first three months of the year we have designed collector's cabinets to suit 1930s English ceramics, a dog's bed incorporated into a kitchen, secret compartments in wardrobes, a specially commissioned wine room, several one-off dining tables, freestanding bedroom furniture for a finca conversion in Majorca and some special glass fronted drawers for shoes in a dressing room in Fulham, London.

In fact, requests like these are all in a day's work for the designers in our Edinburgh, Newcastle and London showrooms because every item of furniture, each kitchen, bedroom, study, living room or media room, is designed and made completely from scratch, making it genuinely unique. There is no definitive Newcastle Furniture ‘house’ style to comply with and no reliance on modular units to hamper the design.

Instead, we take a customer’s ideas, look at their home and their own inherent style and taste, consider the functionality of what they want and draw a design. Our highly skilled craftspeople are capable of making any of our designers’ work a reality which, in turn, means the designers are free to interpret a customer’s brief without the usual restrictions and limitations. Cupboards can be made to fit awkward spaces, treasured items can be given a personalised storage space, worktops can be raised or lowered – the list is endless.

“Truly bespoke furniture becomes an integral part of the room it is designed for to be appreciated by the people that commission it,” explains Jeremy Pearce, Newcastle Furniture Company’s managing director.