Stylish Cooking Moves Outdoors!

August 22, 2014

Over the last few years, kitchens have become ever bigger, embracing first dining tables, then sofas, huge TVs and even desks. Latterly, they have joined forces with the outdoors with the now commonplace, virtually invisible, bi-fold doors.
The next logical step is to move some of the cooking to the garden and, as designers, we wanted to find a solution that was as stylish as it was functional – a million miles from the traditional barbecue – and then we discovered Morso. In our opinion Morso ticks every box. It really is exceptionally stylish so makes a strong statement. But, it works brilliantly too which is the most important thing. Form does, after all, follow function.

Therefore, we’re now selling some selected items but the Morso Forno oven & pizza oven and the Morso Grill Forno are our favourites and the ones we think our customers will love best. Therefore, we’ve got them on display in our Bath Lane showroom so do come along and see for yourself. They’re made from solid cast iron and are wood burning.

The Forno Oven
The design for this is based on the principle of an Italian stone oven, but with a contemporary ‘globe’ shape. It can be placed on any suitable, non-combustible surface but also has its own table/cabinet option – perfect for storing cooking utensils and ingredients. As it heats up, it churns out radiant heat, keeping the patio warm on a cool summer’s night or a chilly winter lunchtime. Then, when it’s reached its optimum temperature, the wood can be pushed to one side to make room for bread or pizzas (though with the Tuscan grill grate accessory meat, fish and vegetables can be cooked too).

The Grill Forno
This cast iron grill is fitted on a base supported by three, elegant yet sturdy teak legs, securely held together with a stainless steel ring. Three hangers are fitted on to the ring from which grill tools and the door for the Grill Forno can be hung. The grill grate has innumerable small pores that absorb the fat and flavourings from the meat, a unique feature which ensures that the meat is grilled in its own juices.