Delighted to be an official AGA Authorised Showroom

February 14, 2014


 Our Newcastle showroom recently became an official AGA distributor. Since gaining ‘official’ status, we’ve definitely attracted more kitchen customers, primarily because our bespoke designs work so well around them.
People that have inherited or chosen to buy one of these iconic cooking ranges usually want to make them the central focus of their kitchen and we can make that happen whilst still making sure that the aesthetics and function of the room is exactly as our customer wants. In fact, because AGAs usually have limited siting options, our skills as custom made furniture makers are called upon to solve more problems than usual.
AGA cast-iron cookers are hand-built to lifetime specifications in Coalbrookdale, a world heritage site and the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. They are then hand-sprayed in vitreous enamel - a process that takes three days to complete, resulting in a gleaming, deeply glossy finish.
Our customers choosing AGAs range from those with very contemporary taste to those that love classic design. Whatever their style, our kitchens will reflect it.