Table Manners

December 20, 2013


Newcastle Furniture Company makes bespoke furniture. When a local architect brought us a drawing of his perfect table, this is what we created.

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The drawing John Curtis brought into our Newcastle showroom


Our realisation of John's drawing


As an experienced architect, practising in Newcastle, John Curtis has a strong sense of style so, when he needed to invest in a new dining table, he knew exactly what he wanted. With their children finally having flown the nest to go to university, John and Mary Curtis decided to return their dining room to its intended function – it having served as a playroom and, latterly, study, for many years so new furniture was required.

John initially produced a sketch of the simple, yet exceptionally solid, oak table, complete with a 60mm top, he visualised as the room’s focal point. The sketch needed to be converted into a realisable working drawing and John had to find a local furniture designer and maker with the skills, tools and equipment necessary to fulfil this. He decided upon Newcastle Furniture Company, best known nationally for its bespoke kitchens and bedrooms, but with the specialist facilities to create beautiful individual items of fitted and freestanding furniture.

“I was immediately drawn to their positive attitude and openness. As an architect, I like to see the process of things being made and I was always welcomed at the workshop when I wanted to see the table in its various stages of manufacture. I was also very impressed by their ability to source the perfect timber from a trusted supplier. In fact, their timber supplier became quite involved in the project and, between them and the guys at Newcastle, my original specifications were enhanced to utilise superior quarter-sawn oak.”

The finished table now takes pride of place in the Curtis’s dining room where it about to be joined by a set of Hans J Wegner style chairs, creating the perfect ambience in this Edwardian home.

“We absolutely love it,” says John. “Newcastle Furniture Company has produced a truly fantastic piece of furniture for us.”